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Veronique’s Erratic and Occasional ODDitory News. Mid-March 2015

March 18, 2015 by Veronique Chevalier

Santa Barbara, CA  |  Comedy / Steampunk / Dark Cabaret / Gothic Polka
Members: Veronique Chevalier- Distinctive Vocal Stylings





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eSTEAMed Springlish Greetings!

We at The Aeroship Asylum are quite beside ourselves
in anticipation of upcoming escapes, er, escapades,
especially any involving con jobs, er, attending
cons! Wonder Con Anaheim is approaching and Miss
Charlotte and I are fast at work, planning our
attire and baking file cakes!

With Spring in the air and trunks to pull out of
storage to pack, this seems the perfect “thyme”
to dust off a treasured heirloom, and trot it out
for your perusal. I’m referring to worthy literary
vessel, fit to carry your MAD-emoiselle through
the aethers of time, “International Steampunk
Fashions”, authored by Victoriana Lady Lisa.

Here is a bit of the description for this lovely
tome from the Schiffer Publishing website:

“Climb into your steam-powered time machine for
a tour of the fashion world, steampunk style.
This fashion backward collection features
hundreds of intricate, creative, and visionary
steampunk designs… Presented in high-quality
fashion photography, the looks in this
compendium include head-to-toe Victorian-era
style coupled with futuristic, sci-fi concepts,
as well as hats, jewelry, and other accessories.
With fashions from as far away as Europe, New
Zealand, and the Americas, this volume celebrates
the diversity and innovators of this international
phenomena and showcases works by contributors
such as The League of S.T.E.A.M., Abney Park,
Brute Force Studios, Veronique Chevalier, and
many more… This is the book for designers,
fans, and collectors.”

Look for your very own La Moi in a tiny
tintype on page 14, as well as in this more
sizable one, included with my Biographie, on
page 171.

Acquire your very own copy of this beautiful
book from AMAZON.COM

Visit the blog of the gifted and genteel
Victoriana Lady Lisa herself here:

* * * Erratic Inquiries * * *

No publication that refers to itself as “erratic”
could be complete without an irregular Q & A
section, so voila! Until La Moi decides against
it, we present “Query Veronique”!

Dear Veronique,

Were you born mad, or was it a gradual process?

–Curious in Cleveland

Dear Curious,

Merci for your succinct inquiry. One does so
enjoy expounding about oneself, and La Moi
happens to consider my questionable sanity
to be my strongest suit, so in reply to your
question, “Oui”.

* * * Further Doings Hinted at in
the Next Issue of ODD-itory Tidbits * * *  

* Nevermind about the bit in the previous
issue about this broadsheet being “less
erratic”. The bubblegum fix for the chronometer
doesn’t necessarily hold!

* Details about my upcoming appearance at Wonder
Con 2015 in Anaheim, April 3rd-5th, with Miss
Charlotte brandishing a new-fangled cinematic

Until the next missive, please feel free to send
La Moi an Aetheric Telegram with questions/commets
/kudos. Kewt kitteh pics are welcomed as well.
(As always, complaints shall not be tolerated,
entertained, or acknowledged)!

With great affectation, er, affection & eSTEAM,
MAD-emoiselle Veronique
The Original Mad Sonictist

“Polka goes hand-in-hand with Oktoberfest, so
the thought of adding a spooky spin to the
oft-lampooned genre seemed both appropriate
and inviting…based on regional ghost stories
& supernatural folklore, [Polka Haunt Us is]
like part novelty – part folksy storytelling
session”. — James Zahn, Fangoria Magazine

“According to Veronique Chevalier, in Hell there’s
lots of beer, no last call, and non-stop Polka…
Fortunately for us, she also loves scary stories,
so her Polka Haunt Us recording gives the genre
a Transylvanian twist…” — Liisa Ladouceur, Rue Morgue Magazine

“Like any concept album, “Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-
tacular Compilation” is best heard in full.
Experienced is probably the better word than
“heard,” because even after a total listen, my
brain still can’t quite process the awesome
oddity of this album.” — Fallon Masterson,
Managing Editor, SCARS Magazine

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