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* Repost from “Trial By Steam”: Please Help Keep Online

December 11, 2010 by Veronique Chevalier

Help Keep Online

In an outpouring of generosity from the Steampunk community, a number of musicians who have been touched by Mr. Bodewell’s outstanding talent and generous spirit have offered up their music as a means to support him. This is a real win-win for everyone. You can get some great new music for yourself or for friends. The musicians can support Jordan through the medium they know best, and perhaps gain a few new fans along the way. And it all goes to support an incredibly giving member of our little community.

Below are all the offers I’ve been made of aware of to date to help Mr. Bodewell through his trying times.

Veronique Chevalier

Horrific music is NOT just for HELLoween any more!  Add “Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compilation” to your playlist for the HORRORdaze! Give the CD to yourself, or to the top ‘fiends’ on your “chopping” list! Regularly $13, but until Dec. 31st, Only $10, including shipping! 20% ($2) per CD will be donated to, in your name (or a name of your choice) (All tracks also available on iTunes, but discount & donation offer applies only to the CD)

Learn more about “Polka Haunt Us here”: http://PolkaHaunt.Us/

Put SEPIACHORD in the subject line to get the discount, & donation in your name, by emailing: PolkaHauntUs AT gmail DOT com

Eli August

I am having a sale on my website from now until Sunday I will donate half of the sales of all music and merchandise directly to Jordan at Sepiachord. In the spirit of the season, help him keep this much needed resource alive.

You can also buy either (or both!) of the Sepiachord compilations to support Sepiachord. Both collections have received positive reviews here at Trial By Steam. Click on the covers to head to the respective websites to purchase these great musical collections.

If you are a musician who has set up an offer to help Jordan and you are not listed above, please get in contact through me through Facebook as soon as possible and tell me about the offer you have going on. I’ll be updating this post regularly as I learn about more bands reaching out to help.

And, if you have all these albums and don’t particularly want to buy more, please consider making a straight, financial gift to Sepiachord. Visit their website and click the Help Support button to make your gift.

Let’s stand together and keep Sepiachord alive!

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