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* MAD Veronique “Steampunk Culture” Interview on KNSD “Sound Diego” Blog

February 21, 2011 by Veronique Chevalier

Bonjour chere ‘Fiends’ & Fan(g)s!

During the course of my evening as Em Ceess (Mistress of Ceremonies) for “Voyages Extraordinaires”, a steampunk extravaganza, featuring live music, vendors, food, libations and art, with headliners Abney Park, at Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center in San Diego, on Saturday, February 12th, 2011, videographer Marc Balanky from KNSD Sound Diego, the NBC Television affiliate station’s blog, conducted a short interview with La Moi about my views on the Steampunk Phenomenon.

The music in this video is by San Diego-based band Tragic Tantrum, featuring the beautiful Zoe Tantrum, a prolific musical artiste and creative powerhouse.

Other acts shown in the video include Shovelman, a mysterious, itinerant spinner of yarns and instrumentalist of rusty, electronically-modified farm impliments; San Diego’s Steam Powered Giraffe, musical comedy robotic mime troupe, as well as Elective Surgery, San Diego-based performers who present monthly shadowcasts of “REPO: The Genetic Opera”.

Steampunk culture is gaining more and more attention from the media, and is capturing the imaginations of ever greater numbers of followers. I think H.G. Wells & Jules Verne would be astonished at what their imaginations have wrought!

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