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* Archive of Volver de la Magia Radio Show Featuring Veronique

April 24, 2011 by Veronique Chevalier


eSTEAMed Greetings once again, Chere ‘Fiends’ & Fan(g)s!

If vous missed the April 21st live broadcast of The Charlie Chaplin Tribute Show on Volver de la Magia Radio, here’s your opportunity to take a listen at your leisure. It’s in Spanish, but the music, from an array of international artistes, transcends language!

Download the episode here:

Or play it online here:

PLAYLIST PROGRAMA Nº 497 (23-04-2011)

Especial Homenaje a Charles Chaplin
122 Aniversario

Musica: Polka Dark Cabaret Steampunk, Dramatic Dark Cabaret Avant-Garde, Opera Dark Cabaret Vaudeville Circus, Romantic Ballad, Hard Rock, Neo-Cabaret, Gypsy Steampunk Dark Cabaret

1 “The Beer Hall In Hell” – VERONIQUE CHEVALIER
Album: “Polka Haunt Us”

2 “Neigung zum Nichts” – ANGIZIA
Album: “Kokon – Ein Schauring-schones Schachtelstuck”

3 “Chaplin Nonsense Song” – VAGABOND OPERA
Album: “Get the Train”

4 “Te Propongo” – SANDRO
Album: “Sandro Lo Mejor” (Argentina-1969)

5 “Just a Gigolo/ I Ain’t Got Nobody”” – DAVID LEE ROTH
Album: “Crazy From the Heat” EP (USA-1985)

6 “Stuck with you” – VOLTAIRE & AMANDA PALMER
Album “Oooky Spooky”

7 “Vaudeville Voodoo” – THE GYPSY NOMADS
Album: “Happy Madness”


  1. Merci beaucup, mon amie for this post!
    As I told you it’s our pleasure to broadcast your magnifique music & songs.
    And we our honoured with our nice friendship!
    Of course we’ll play another of your magique songs very soon!
    All the best and jolie roses for you, madame!
    From Buenos Aires, the Tango City with our amour
    McKland & Deborah
    Volver a la Magia Radio-Show

    pd: we’ll share your blog on our as one of our recommended, so we’ll take your banner for this

  2. Merci McKland & Deborah! I am very honoured to have your support of my music.

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